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Tallahassee Went Old School To Celebrate Freedom At The F.U. Open. REALLY Old School.


HOME OF ALL THE BEST US NEWS, FL - The Champion American behind this great act was one Joey St. Germain, a Real MGAer to the core and reigning S.H.I.T. Show Champion. He's had an impressive career, racking up 32 top-10 finishes since debuting in 2014. Sadly the very tournament where he performed this selfless act was the worst finish of his career. He came home in 16th place after carding a 106. I'm going to assume it was due to muscle fatigue after all the pre-round celebratory handshakes.

Joey was kind enough to sit down for an interview to give us a behind the scenes look at how this great moment came to be.


Where the hell did this idea come from?

In Tallahassee, most tournaments are dress up tournaments. So after watching the first couple of seasons of Turn on AMC and over an occasional bourbon, I thought this would be a fun way to ratchet up the theme of the Freedom & Unity Open. Many chapters do a fantastic job celebrating this tournament, but I hadn’t seen anyone do something like this. We aren’t shy about trying different things in Tallahassee.


Where the hell did you find those guys?

I used to spend a lot of time perusing Missed Connections on Craigslist, so I knew that would be the best place to start. From the Craigslist ad, a random person texted me to contact Florida State’s College of Music (Quick tangent: shout out to the person who texted me, but I have so many questions for a person that responds to Craigslist ad with a friendly tip). I emailed the College of Music looking for two people to play the fife and drum. Their response: “We don’t have a fife, but is a piccolo OK?” I don’t want to make this a treatise on the differences between a fife and piccolo, because I don’t know the difference either, but I had my team. Those guys are used to playing in concert halls, so I’m glad they had some fun with this.

(ed. Chapter Leader Ian Kawas told me the guys were stoked they got to keep the hats. They are clearly Champion Americans in training.)


Where the hell did that outfit come from?

Thank God for Amazon Prime! However, they didn’t have Dri-Fit in the 1700s, so it was a bit warm for a June day in Florida. I think my favorite touch was we used wax to seal the proclamation and used my Top Medio key chain as the seal. That key chain is quite the multi-purpose tool.


Where the hell do you get off calling me General and not El Presidente? I worked long and hard to bestow that title upon myself!

Can we file this slight under artistic license? This was a performance piece set in the Revolutionary War when President George Washington was only a general. While I agree your accomplishments exceed that of George Washington, I thought the parallels made sense. If the above explanation does not suffice, how about I buy you a drink at The Winchester (THE WINCHESTER!) at this year’s MGAWC?

(ed. MGAWC18 is booked for Nov. 9&10 in Vegas and more information will be released very soon, including a BIG announcement.)


Where the hell was security? Did the course enjoy your show or do they hate Freedom and Unity?

When I arrived one of the cart guys asked, “Did you happen to hire a musician?” Apparently the drummer had arrived 10 minutes early and was telling the golf course staff that he was one of the musicians for the golf tournament. When planning this we went for the ask for forgiveness as opposed to ask for permission route, so I thought it might be touch and go. However, it went off without a hitch.

Many thanks to Joey and the Tallahassee chapter for keeping the MGA weird. I salute you. You can read the write up from their event and see more pictures HERE.

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All hail JSG!

Joey is an asset to our chapter and always a great competitor. He played the entire round in 95 degree heat wearing the Paul Revere uniform. Dedication to MGA and the USA. Thanks Joey!!

I think I lost my chapter leader, he's moving to tallee Great job guys!!!