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The Swamp Fox ambushes Aiken MGA

Jeremy Wilson, the fearless chapter leader of the Aiken MGA , recently shocked the golfing world by winning the prestigious Fore Championship. While everyone expected a typical golf game, Jeremy decided to channel his inner 'Swamp Fox,' a la Francis Marion.  With four birdies during the round that left his opponents befuddled, much like the British troops during the Revolutionary War.   

It was a swamp themed event which included not only swamp fox tactics, but swampy lost balls and plenty of swamp ass as the medios again endured another blistering Carolina summer day in the name of mediocre golf. 

Champion Jeremy Wilson somehow managed to also win the long drive (probably no one else hit the fairway).

The closest to the pin award goes to the closet to the pin marker, as it was the only thing that saw the green that day.

Automatic Matt Vaught earns another gross award adding another "trophy” to his office decor.  

Brody Mansfield managed to find his way to the course and catch up with the group and solidify the coveted Red Key.  He dropped nearly 20 strokes from his last event and is trending in the right direction to never win it again.  Enjoy the forward tees while you can, getting better at golf has its downside...

Event Results

1.Jeremy Wilson87$1.18
2.Bruce McGhee91$0.78
3.James Thomas Chiles 92$0.59
3.Kenneth Bolen92$0.59
3.Matthew Vaught92$0.59
6.Matt Mcghee97$0.46
7.Joe Chiles99$0.39
8.Adam Bates100$0.29
8.Ted Munsch100$0.29
10.Kerwin Iglesias104$0.20
11.Brody Mansfield 111$0.13

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