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Super MGAWC19: The Format

What do you do when you have 280 spots and 393 people sign up? You McGyver that shit, that's what. Here's how MGAWC19 is going to work!

Believe it or not, with this new format, we can still fit a few more people in. So if you'd like to register, head on over to get on it!

If you have any questions, leave them as a comment on this story so we can answer them for everyone to see. If you would like a refund or have a question that only pertains to you, send an email to

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Panel Of Experts (20)


What about practice rounds? Still 2 days at Revere for everyone?

It depends on how many people sign up for practice rounds. Currently, we can fit everyone who has booked a practice round at Revere, but if enough people change their package when they pay in full and add a practice round, there may practice rounds happening at the other course. Obviously, qualified players will have priority on the Revere practice rounds.

Cool beans

Works for me

Looks like a great great compromise to handle the huge turnout. I'm still in, and will likely not be at Revere... I'll get to play for the booger trophy! Our whatever you call it.

Does this mean that registration is reopened? And if so what is the new cap number?

Registration is still open. We figure we can fit another 30 or so, so there’s plenty of room right now!

thursday night drunk fest will be something now ,,, 500 people at that bar ,, need to restock up fast !

I’m pretty bummed. I’ve been studying Revere course and wanted to play it. I’ve had a shit year due to a shoulder injury and the Super MGAWC is last gasp tourney before my major surgery that will put me out next season. I guess I’ll have to put together a few last good tourneys and perhaps win one!

Is it possible to have the names of people registered bolded or a different color on the global money list?