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With 31 medios in the field. The shoddy did not let us down! From bumpy greens to sub par fairways or lack of! Everyone heard a lot of four letter words from many group's. It is a tournament where everyone can let loose and meet the new members. With the mulligan bags being purchased it gave everyone a great chance of winning the coveted bronze toilet! But of course there was a 2 way tie for the win! 
Bubba & Medium Josh and Ben & Kinsey both shooting a team score of 74. So it comes down to a random hole picked. well 3 holes later Ben & Kinsey prevail for the bronze toilet! But here at Charleston MGA we love to give our last place finishers a prize as too. So a shiny spinning poop medal went to New Matt & Shannan shooting a 92!  With the Shoddy in the books it’s now on to the regular season! Bring your shanks, missed putts, and mediocre play in general for the Rebel Beach AM-AM March 23rd at Berkeley Country Club! 
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