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Strocsher wins again. Takes the MGA!

Alex Strocsher wins his second event of the year.  Rich Wine was the most Mediorce, Jerry Wazrszalek melted down the hardests.  Jon Oxman got the LD and shared the low gross with Alex.  Dougie of course got the red key.  Billy McPhee got the KP for the MGA.

Another epic round at Stone Creek.

Event Results

1.Alex Strocsher87$1.35
2.Carlos B Blandino89$0.90
3.Andy Arnone90$0.71
3.Rick McCutcheon90$0.71
5.Shad Schafer91$0.56
5.David Ingraham91$0.56
7.Billy McPhee93$0.45
8.Brian Berry94$0.30
8.Josh Perry94$0.30
8.Jon Oxman94$0.30
11.Ken Vaughn95$0.15
12.Jerome Warszalek96$0.06
12.Brent Riggs96$0.06
12.Ryan Kofman96$0.06
12.Richard Wine96$0.06
16.Maxwell McCutcheon98$0.02
16.Will Murphy98$0.02
18.Casey Hanel99$0.00
19.Jim Stein100$0.00
19.Garrett Sykes100$0.00
21.Anthony Perez102$0.00
21.Mark Woodward102$0.00
23.Jeff Stanton103$0.00
24.Jeff Holland104$0.00
24.Jason Misner104$0.00
26.Don Sorber105$0.00
26.DJ Sixberry105$0.00
28.David Spading106$0.00
29.Ben Holliday120$0.00
30.Dougie Evans121$0.00

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