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State of the CLEMGA Union 2022

My Fellow Medios:

Let me begin today by saying to all our men and women donning the volt green across Northeast Ohio, I thank you! Cleveland is very, very proud of you

My duty today is to report on the state of the CLEMGA Union. And I can say without any uncertainty that the state of the CLEMGA Union is STRONG!

Coming fresh off our first ever Midwest Regional victory at Bedford Hills Golf Club this past weekend, the CLEMGA has never looked more primed heading into the home stretch of the season. A big shoutout to all our golfers who took part in this year’s regional tournament, especially our guy Glenn Pearson who shot a career MGA low of 81 to secure the individual championship and help propel the CLEMGA to the Chapters Cup win!

In fact, our three lowest scores at the Midwest Regional all came from Medios who have yet to claim an individual tournament win. Those kinds of gutsy performances from all our golfers are what will secure future championships!

Our Medios are the healthiest they have looked in three seasons. We have the largest chapter by membership on the planet. And as of today, the CLEMGA has 19 Medios registered for the World Championship in Las Vegas this November!

Now, looking ahead, we have two tournaments coming up before the Buckeye Cup. First is the Douche Bag Invitational at Roses Run on August 20th, followed by our first ever Fall Bastards taking place at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course on September 3rd. These will be your only chances to work your way up the Chapter Money list to try and secure your spot on the CLEMGA Buckeye Cup roster.

For those of you who may not know, the Buckeye Cup will feature the top 10-12 Medios on the CLEMGA Money List. Unlike the Midwest Regional, Medios will have to qualify to take part in the Buckeye Cup (besides your Chapter Leader who gets a free pass for running shit).

Medios must have participated in at least four (4) events to earn a spot on the Buckeye Cup roster. In addition, The Gordo has earned an automatic bid to the Buckeye Cup by winning the Playas Championship earlier this season. That leaves us with only 8-10 spots open for the Buckeye Cup roster.

So, if you want to earn your spot on the Buckeye Cup roster, and cement your place in history as the first ever CLEMGA Triple Crown winners (Midwest Regional, Buckeye Cup and MGAWC Chapter Cup), now is the time to go low at our upcoming events, and to get signed up for MGAWC22!

The CLEMGA has always sought and always risen to every challenge. Who would say that, having come so far together, we will not go forward from here? Who would say that this age of possibility is not for all CLEMGA Medios?

Our chapter is and always has been a great and good chapter. But the best is yet to come, if we all do our part.

Thank you, Golf Gods bless you and Golf Gods bless the CLEMGA!

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Can't wait!! I booked my hotel for the Buckeye Cup, I just hope that wasn't the kiss of death and not qualify this year!

Rightttt, it's tight up there at the top

Anthony……that’s what she said