Chapter News

The stars finally align for Jason Weamer!

Jason Weamer shoots the lowest score ever of his MGA career to finally win his 1st event. It only took him 5 years. Hopefully he doesn't wait that long for his 2nd.

Jason Weamer takes home the big check by shooting 83 and earns $1.12. Travis Strang actually shot an 81 but those dreaded 3 penalty strokes pushed him back to 2nd place with an 84 and 0.74 cents. Not a bad showing from the blue tees. Jeff Cool slides into 3rd with an 85 earning 0.62 cents. That will keep him towards the top of the money list.


4th place results in a tie between Bobby Foster and Greg Valenzuela, both shooting 86 to earn 0.53 cents each. The final member in the 80s is Tom Alexander who shot 89 and earned 0.43 cents to capture 6th. Hot on his tails in 7th is Matt Schmidt shooting 90 and grabbing 0.37 cents. Coming in 8th is Michael DeSio with a 91 getting 0.31 cents.


Ivan Hernandez breaks the top ten for the 1st time in his MGA career shooting his lowest score ever of 92. This earns him 9th place and 0.25 cents. He also wins Most Mediocre with a 46/46 split. Now that's consistent. Finally, rounding out the top 10 is a tie between Carl Swanstrom and Jonathan Reatiga who both shot 93 and earned 0.16 cents each.


The Biggest Meltdown award goes to Jeff Cline with a +9 on the back. That's a rough day, especially when he already has 5 penalty strokes.


I wish I could say there was a battle for the Red Key, but Rik Patel ran away with it shooting 125. Ten strokes behind than the guy ahead of him.


The bonus stat of the day was least amount of putts for the entire round. There was a tie between Matt Schmidt and Jeff Cool with 29 total putts. Not bad.


The Long Drive, Closest to the Pin and Gross Award were all won by Jason Weamer, adding to his career day. That just screams dominance. However, it is his 2nd long drive of the season already... maybe we should have him tested.


Finally, the team event and El Presidente trophies were won by Travis Strang and Bobby Foster with a low score of 170. It's not low enough to beat last years record score but strong enough to win this year with ease.


The weather was great and the course was in good condition which resulted in pretty low scores. Some of those greens didn't want the ball to go in the hole though. Oh well. On to the next one. The FU Open will be at Anaheim Hills, which should give a tougher test. This is the 2nd major of this season and a chance to show off your red, white and blue outfits.

Event Results

1.Jason Weamer83$1.12
2.Travis Strang84$0.74
3.Jeff Cool85$0.62
4.Bobby Foster86$0.53
4.Greg Valenzuela86$0.53
6.Tom Alexander89$0.43
7.Matt Schmidt90$0.37
8.Michael DeSio91$0.31
9.Ivan Hernandez92$0.25
10.Carl Swanstrom93$0.16
10.Jonathan Reatiga93$0.16
12.jeff cline94$0.06
13.Kenny Carlson96$0.05
13.Scott Miller96$0.05
15.Tony Morales99$0.03
16.Garran Hein100$0.02
17.Fred Valenzuela 102$0.00
18.Jamie Adams110$0.00
19.Greg Sr. Valenzuela112$0.00
20.Charles Day115$0.00
21.Rikin Patel125$0.00
22.Marshall AdamsDNF$0.00