Chapter News

Stamm Gets First Win on Tour

It was a weekend of firsts at the Chicago MGA FORE championship.  We had our first course change due to weather in some time, we had a first time participant compete, and we had a first time winner.

The course we were supposed to play was our old staple at Highland Park Country Club.  However, rains during the week and one last blast Friday night meant that course was under water.  Fortunately, the ever aware president had already coordinated with a nearby course in the event of a closure so all was not lost.  The group casually met at the new loction, Sunset Valley.  A fine course that we look forward to playing under better meterological circumstances. 

Our first timer Dale Werner was able to make his first tournament of the year on a weekend that was not too dissimilar from our March event in terms of weather.  April = 73 degrees without a cloud in the sky, May = 48 degrees with short bouts of sleet.  That's Chicago for you.  Dale and his buddy Kirk were great additions to the motley crew that assembled.  With his 116 we know he fits right in with the MGA.

And after many years of struggle, one, Bryson Stamm finally emerged victoriously with easily the most respectable trophy in the MGA line up.  One that you can proudly display on your desk at work and not have HR immediately ringing your line (cough-Claret Jugs-cough).  Apparently his mudder was a mudder as Byrson deftly displayed how to golf in the muck.  Fineally dethroning one of the three players that have won the events over the past year, Bryson joins an elite crew, but still very mediocre group.

The water was not going to stop this group from showing what mediocre golf looks like. The greens were in great condition considering that part of certain fairways had standing water in them.
The front group, including the ultimate victor, take some very mediocre swings on #10.
Winner Bryson Stamm takes the prized FORE trophy home, and tries to warm up in the clubhouse.
Also, when yours truly purchased a breakfast sandwich and saw it came with a clementine, I thought, "I could eat this....or...." -see video below