Chapter News

Spring Hill MGA representing our country...good luck 'Merica!

The date: June 1, 2019
The place: Brooksville Country Club
The event: The Spring Hill MGA's F.U. Open
The field included 20 competitors from the Spring Hill chapter plus our old friend and sometime nemisis Bill Cusick from the Tampa chapter as a guest.  For the second year in a row, we played this event at the Brooksville CC and they loved our red, white and blue form of patriotism.  And for the first time for our chapter, we have a kinda back-to-back winner.
Thanks to Livengood and Associates Insurance for sponsoring this tournament.  And thanks again to Dawn and Troy for helping out.

Event Results

1.Donald Nogiewich85$1.35
2.Leroy Hamilton92$0.90
3.Greg Brown95$0.71
3.David Smith95$0.71
5.gregory Bobrowski96$0.56
5.Randy Dunaway96$0.56
7.Troy McNeal97$0.45
8.Craig Domini98$0.38
9.Pete Bedell99$0.30
10.Marion Kelley101$0.23
11.Robert Mongold102$0.11
11.Mike Sulik102$0.11
13.Paul Normandin103$0.07
14.Francisco Mendes105$0.05
15.Robert West108$0.03
15.Lawrence Waterman108$0.03
15.John Montagnino108$0.03
18.Roy Huden111$0.00
18.Charly Osz111$0.00
20.david sulik112$0.00