Chapter News

Sporte Doubles Down at The MGA

The 2015 MGA was held out in Bartlett Hills the same weekend that the PGA was being played up in Whistling Straights.  Hindsight being 20/20, I would have identified that it was the same weekend and that many folks in the MGA were going to be AT the PGA event as spectators.  Nevertheless, a motley crew of us attempted to show which event was more important by going after the Distraught Golfer Trophy ( that it's name?)

Fewer numbers means a greater chance of victory, and that is all I needed to know.  Yours truly has never won an event before and I really wanted a big check.  After setting out and having a relatively rough front, I was able to straighten in out on the back.  However, playing alongside the eventual winner, I could feel the pressure.  

Fending off my mediocrity, it wasnt until the par 5 16, knowing it was close, that a gaff I will never forget occured.  Both I and the eventual winner sat about 100 yards out from the green laying 3, a simple pitching wedge and a putt is all either of us required.  As I began my backswing visions of a ball flying right at the pin were dancing through my head.  As my club connected, I could feel that familiar feeling....of skulling the ball.  As it rifled toward the right of the green, I knew I had blown my chance at a first victory.  I wish I could tell you that I fought the good fight and I was able to come away with a victory, but the MGA is no fairy-tale world.

The honor on this day belonged to Chris Sporte who picked up his 2nd big check of the year after also winning the Bastards in the spring.  His consistent play and keeping it out of the trees proved to be all he needed to pull out the W.  I don't have any stories about the group behind us other than we noticed that their trouble lied in shots getting into the trees which wasn't a death knell on this course, but it certainly made it harder to get on the green to manage mars or mirdies.

The next event, attempting to take down our chapter to the north, Madison, in the first annual Sausage Cup