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Was a day for rounds, some were just too great, some were just enjoying a nice 5 hour walk in a park.

South Bay MGA kicked off on April 13th, at the beautiful Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club. A challenging yet fun course to get the year started off with the team event. some teams showed up with a bag full of balls and a dream, others, well, they wish they probably didnt, and 2, would break 80 and DQ themselves from the money list in favor of shooting the round of their life. Rounding out the bottom by 1 stroke with a solid 113 earning the Red Key was Ryan Corriveau. Not only did he show up 10 minutes before the start, he was also puking from the night before still. Solid outing Ryan. Most Mediocre Award went to Devin "UFC" Lopez, not only did he make it passed the 15th green without an altercation, he posted on instagram "Im gunna wax that ass" with an impressive 107 taking 7th place and a whopping $00.28. Chapter leader enjoied one too many Coors Lattes and a bottle of Fireball on the course leading him to a 102 for 6th place. Nick Cafrelli birdied 2 of the first 3 holes impressive after stating on the first tee box " Im a bit rusty, havent golfed since January " he rounded 3rd (Tie) with a solid 100. Kyle Long let the best get to him, if there was a " Most Enibreated" award he wouldve taken by a long shot! Still ened up in the Tie of 3rd with a competitive 100 and The Biggest Meltdown award (Pictured Below). Tony Arnone (Chapter Leaders Father) showed him how to golf once again with rounding out that final spot in 3rd with another impressive 100! Ben Conroy (another I dont play golf often) shot a 98. To wrap up the event Trevor showed up with a 94 and took home the $00.84 earning him the top spot on the money list (For the Time being) and giving him full rights to the back Tee and the next event!

Overall tournament Team winners were Trevor an Kyle L. Kyle Pictured below (watching the Sharks barely win was more important to Trevor)

Lam and Kyle D. both had rounds theyll never forget, Lam shot a respectable 75 and Kyle a 78, both claim theyve never played that well in forever! 

Sidenote: Closest to the Pin on hole 8, only 1 person landed the green (Lam N) at 16' 8" took home the prize money of $60 

3 people landed the Fariway for longest drive, Ryan Corriveau held the record (157 yd) until the Father,Son Duo Came to the 14th tee. Tony Arnone set the bar and claimed Longest Drive for a short 3 minutes at 255 Yd. Sean Arnone took the title with 267 Yds.


Thank you Everyone see you April 13th!!


Ps there is probably typos and I dont care! 

Event Results

1.Trevor Bryden94$0.84
2.Ben Conroy98$0.56
3.Kyle Long100$0.42
3.The Famous Nick Cafrelli100$0.42
3.Tony Arnone100$0.42
6.Sean Arnone102$0.33
7.Devin Lopez107$0.28
8.Nathan Comstock110$0.23
9.Curtis Kummerehl112$0.19
10.Ryan Corriveau113$0.14
17.Lam NguyenDQ$0.00
17.Kyle DutraDQ$0.00