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South African Mafia Clinch Am-Am

To say this season is shaping up to be one for the history books is an understatement!! So far this season the NWI has seen it's membership double (and growing as you read this) and our first event double from last years Am-Am. These medios are on a mission to make me work my ass off this year.

41 medios, 19 O.G.'s and 22 newbies, came out on a refreshing 40 degree morning with a 20mph wind to kick off the 2021 season. After 18 holes a few medios seemed able to knock off the off season rust, a few more will DEFINITELY need some more time and swing juice.

I made you suffer through my opening rambling, now onto what you all want to read...... Who finished where!!!!  

Crushing all other hopefuls for the two-headed trophy, the team of Peet Van den burg and Burger Beyers take the "W". They would also tie for the gross award. Also adding to his dominance on the day, Peet won the LD and the whole damn thing taking home the "big check"

The rookies took over after that sweeping the rest of the awards. Jeff Winnick played the wind to get Closest.

Robert Muir leaves with the golden "M" and Mr. Jim Slagle showed overwhelming enthusiasm to recieve the Meltdown.

The lucky Red Key winner for the day was Chester Nellett, something tells me he will be using it at the Bastards.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.................I'm out!!!!