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Snow comes early in DFW

Last Saturday, at the first tournament in the 6th year of DFW's existence, March 22, the year of our lord, 2019 (Ticket reference)... we welcomed more new members than in any year prior.  Fortunately for Tony Snow, his cream rose to the top at the right time, as he only has one stroke this year and shot an 89 to win the AM AM and another big check, which he admitted will probably get buried in a closet along with several others because he is such a winner.

Unfortunately, due to poor management practices and a slight lack of individuals knowing how to assure things goes smoothly on tournament day, the end of the tournament was a bit of a shit show.  From score cards having bad math, to people not renewing their MGA membership yet, to new guys not having 5 scores entered, to forgetting to pay ahead of time, and finally backing in and out of the tournament last minute due to injury, then playing and realizing after it was all over and that person had been in a first place tie, but all of the scores ahd been tallied and checks had been handed out. 

While it all got figured out, and some left scorned, as your leaders, Geoff Scott and Todd Jenkins vowed to eachother over wings and beers post tourney to run a tighter ship next time.  So to all you F sticks that (except for the new guys that just didnt know better) - your shit will be checked pre tournament, and if you are not paid up, or registered, you can play, but won't get paid all that big money at the end if you place.  Todd will also try to show up more than 10 minutes before tee off. 

We were able to get more normality into the day aside from Tony winning, in the fact that the WORLDS WORST GOLFER from Vegas last year kept his red key, as Ryan "Woody" Woodham had a great time shooting his 130.

Event Results

1.Tony Snow89$1.12
2.Brandon Alaniz89$0.74
3.Joseph Sisco90$0.53
3.Isayah Carrillo90$0.53
3.Mike Windham90$0.53
3.Alex Carrillo90$0.53
7.Matt Koenig92$0.37
8.W!ll Davis94$0.28
8.Jeremy Mathis94$0.28
10.Max Toback95$0.09
10.Chris Phillips95$0.09
10.Todd Jenkins95$0.09
10.Brian Berry95$0.09
10.Dan Cantrell95$0.09
15.Brian Pearce96$0.02
15.Chase Windham96$0.02
15.Roland Ward 96$0.02
18.John Hartsel99$0.00
19.Josh Jobe100$0.00
20.Tony Mullins 101$0.00
21.Geoff Scott102$0.00
22.Reagan Dooley104$0.00
23.Lucas Medina106$0.00
24.Jim Oboyski108$0.00
25.Robbie Rogers111$0.00
26.Michael Rountree122$0.00
27.Ryan Woodham136$0.00
28.Ryan RivielloDNF$0.00

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nice job Tony!!