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SMYRNA MGA - HOT DAMN----What an AM-AM!!!!

     This AM-AM started off with beautiful weather and VERY early in the morning out at Cobblestone.  According to the starter, it is suppose to take 4.5 hours to complete this course.  We looked at him and said to ourselves......"HA, he's never seen us play."    After pairing up in our respective teams, we were off.  The odds on favorites were the team of Elanit and Grant.  We have no idea why they were the odds on favorites but for the sake of this article, lets just go with that.  As usual Grant CRUSHES his first drive and Elanit sends hers right down the middle behind him.   Since (your truly) the chapter leader is playing in this foursome, I want it known that I think they are both on steroids.  After hole number three and watching Grant par all three of them, it is becoming apparent that these two MIGHT win.  No one was ready to concede defeat as of yet though.  We told them both that we were going to fight until the very end.  Ok...that sounded good in theory but it was pretty much a wrap at the turn with these two.  By the time we got to the eleventh tee, we were all just playing to be playing.  These two had pulled away even though Elanit founds spectacular ways to end up in just about every sand trap there was on the course, she always managed to get out of them.   Sometimes she would get out of one and into the next one but eventually she got on the green.  That was good enough for her and her partner to run away with the AM-AM trophies and earn Elanit the nickname: "QUEEN of the BEACH" which goes well with Grants nickname "Son of a B**CH".  We are contemplating having random drug testing for GRANT Riley alone.  We may vote on this at the next tournament.       

Great day of fun and fashions by the entire chapter. The new members came out for their first tournaments and showed us their fashion sense and their mediocre game. The old members came out in rare form as usual. James Brown sporting the baby blue spikes and green shirt. Stephen Raymore breaking out his Purple and looking like Barnie. Vino showing us how to wear a Kangol cap, smoke a cigar and play golf all at the same time. Best dressed is going to be a tight race this year. In between, we will play some mediocre golf and have some fun in the sun. Special thanks to Mr. Cameron Raymore (our photographer) for this event. Great job sir. We may hire you again.

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Every time I watch the Happy Gilmore shot, I get amazed and laugh. Great job Grant. Now I have to get everybody to try this...LMAO.