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SFMGA 2020 Schedule Released

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - In 2006, the MGA -and therefore the SFMGA- was formed; which means the SFMGA is now entering its 15th season! Having trouble remembering what life was like back then? We'll help jog your memory with these fun facts that were HUGE stories back in 2006.

-Del Monte announced that it would end pineapple production in Hawaii because it was no longer economically feasible to grow pineapple in the state.

-Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet.

-The most common passwords in 2006 were password, 123456, qwerty, baseball, and football. (All you'ers out there best be calling your grandchildren to ask how to change your password right now.)

-Russian cosmonaut hit a golf ball in space for an estimated 2.2 billion yard drive, during a space walk.


Amazing stuff. And now, without further adieu, we present to you the 2020 SFMGA Schedule.

The season begins with two northern courses before it moves to a more centralized schedule. It continues to build on last year's upgrades and should be one of the best seasons -in terms of course quality- in SFMGA history.

The Rebel Beach Am-Am will be held at Blue Rock Springs East. The SFMGA used to play Blue Rock regularly before the majority of our members decided it would be a good idea to live on the peninsula or in Santa Cruz. The East course is a fun, challenging and hilly as fuck course that will test the legs of even the most devoted walkers.

Rebel Beach Am-Am : March 28th : 10 AM

The Bastards will return to Hiddenbrooke this year and conclude the northern swing. Hiddenbrooke is a great course, but is inconsistent in its upkeep. The fact that Troon Golf has managed it for a few years now and does a great job with their other properties bodes well for the first major of the year.

The Bastards : April 25th : 11:36 AM

The MGA Championship maintains its May placement as well as its title of "The Least Important Major". What it does get however, is a brand new trophy that is sure to become one of the most coveted in MGA history. The design is being kept under wraps for now, but rest assured, you'll want it.

The MGA is taking a chance and returning to Monarch Bay Golf Club after banning the course for a couple years. The last few events they hosted were a total shit show, but Monarch's prime location and solid quality has the SFMGA crawling back. Finger's crossed!

The MGA Championship : May 30th : 11:00 AM

The Freedom & Unity Open is the only course without a home right now. El Presidente is on the hunt for a challenging setup and something a little out of the ordinary. He has a short list of properties he needs to visit before he will settle on a final location.

The F.U. Open also has a new trophy this year.  It was designed by El Presidente himself and replaces the last "off-the-shelf" trophy used by the MGA. Impressively, it's somehow even more 'Merican than the previous trophy!

F.U. Open : June 13th : TBD

The Bratish Open will return to its traditional home at Metropolitan Golf Links. The course is always a good time and is the only supposed links-style course in the area.

Metro has seen many-a Bratish Champion crowned, as well a quite a few Cross Bay Cups, but it will always be best remembered for destroying the first set of Claret Juggs with a poorly timed gust of wind.

Bratish Open : July 11th : 12:00 PM

The FORE! Championship and its massive purse is a big deal. Fore it, the SFMGA will return to Half Moon Bay Golf Links and jump over to the other side of the property and try their luck on the Ocean course.

Joining the SFMGA for this event will be the OAKMGA chapter, because they were hella jealous last year and want in on the fun. With an anticipated field of 60-ish players and straight tee times starting at 12:30, going off first will be a big advantage. El Presidente and Oakland's supreme leader Stacey Ward decided that whoever wins the Cross Bay Cup the previous weekend (Aug. 8) will get to go off first. No pressure!

FORE! Championship : August 15th : 12:30 PM

The Douche Bag Invitational moves to Las Positas Golf Course and is sure to test our relationship in our second-ever visit to the course. Of course, Las Positas made its debut last year by hosting the F.U. Open, which isn't exactly one of the more understated MGA events.

Make note of the early start time! It was all they had available that day.

Douche Bag Invitational : September 19th : 9 AM

The season-ending Last Gasp Championship will once again be held at Corica Park South Course in Alameda. Unfortunately, the rates have finally caught up with the quality of the course. That being said, it's still a good deal for how fucking good that new layout is.

We will crown a Champion and then head out into the night to celebrate however he sees fit!

It's going to be a great year. Join now and get one of your cool friends to join as well. No Douche Bags allowed!

Last Gasp Championship : October 3rd : 1:00 PM