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SeattleMGA Celebrates 5 Kinda Successful Seasons

SEATTLE, WA - The end of 2013 marked the completion of SEAMGA's fifth season of MGA competition. At that time, Matty Ice was kind enough to go around and film Seattle medios talking about their fearless Chapter Leader, Aaron Regan. Incredibly all were able to hold back tears and managed to deliver some hearfelt messages without ever once sounding choked up. #soullessinseattle


Seattle was MGA chapter #2 and is full of #realmgaers. We're thrilled you're still around Aaron and can't wait to celebrate your 10th anniversary! Congrats.

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He's also a generous host...congrats Papa Reegs!

Papa- pretty new to the chapter, but it really feels like home......rolling with the homies! Thanks for all you do mang!