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Sean Wins With Max's DQ

I'm going to let Sean and Max break down their rounds. First I just want to make it clear that my birdie put on the closest to the pin hole was a tripple breaker, down hill with the wind against me and I had gnats in my ears and under both eyelids.  

Now some words from our winner. 

The rain in the forecast thankfully held off and it was a beautiful day of golf at Lake Wisconsin Country Club. The course was in great shape and the fairways were very inviting although our group didn't often take advantage of that.

It was a battle against the bugs for the first few holes as we got used to having something fly into your ear right in your backswing. Our fearless Chapter Leader easily won closest to the pin on the 5th hole, knocking it within 2 feet… and promptly missing the birdie putt. After playing out of the woods on the short par 4 at hole 6, Austin Pfundheller needed to fix his mojo. Thankfully, the drink cart met us at hole 7 where Austin got a Spotted Cow and shotgunned it before his tee shot. Alas, it didn't help. He missed the green and double-bogeyed the hole.

The back nine got off to an eventful start. I pushed my drive OB and went to look for it in the neighbor's front yards. A shirtless man holding an egg carton greeted me as I got to his house. I was pleasantly surprised when the egg carton was filled with a dozen golf balls that he collects from his front yard. I lost my ball and triple-bogeyed the hole, but still managed to come out 11 balls up. That's a win in my book.

The next couple holes were along scenic Lake Wisconsin. There were a few boats out fishing and one asshat of a boat that thought their perfect Saturday morning included heckling golfers on the green. We made our putts and got out of there before any of us got too tempted to "accidently" hit one into the lake at them.

Some other highlights of the back-nine included: Jim Lukken hitting out of the trees left-handed over a bunker and almost sticking it on the green, Cameron Graves parring a hole after I was sure his drive was going to be lost, I drained a ~30 footer for our group's only birdie of the day, and I held the longest drive for all of 2 minutes before Jim outdrove me by a couple yards.

Throughout the day, there was a fair amount of leaderboard watching. It seemed like we were all playing for second place with the way that Max Wasserman was playing. He got out to a hot 38 on the front nine and kept it going on the back. Big shoutout to Max though for making his bogey putt on hole 18. That DQ'ed him with a 79 (his best MGA round by 9 strokes) and allowed me to take the victory even though I shot 12 strokes worse. Max mentioned before that round that he was feeling good after watching some instructional YouTube videos. I'm not sure what was in those videos, but if you could send them my way, that would be great.

Sean McGee

Current Chapter Money Leader

2019 MGA Champion

2018 F.U. Champion


I'm not sure what "watching videos" is slang for but I think we are all interested Max.  You should share some and we can all take the tour by storm!  


Round started out pretty good with a par/bogey/bogey on the first three holes. James sends a text that it may be mine to lose. Took a swig of tequila from Ken to celebrate. But then I was pretty worried on the par 5 fourth when I hit my drive into the long stuff to the left that my strong start was in jeopardy, but then I blasted my next drive just far enough to be able to hit a hybrid right next to the green, and went up and down for bogey. When I parred five, I started to get a little excited and think that I might have a decent round going – then stepped up to the short par four at six, and hit hybrid to the fringe, pin high. When I went up and down from there for birdie, I turned to Nell and said I was on pace for my best nine ever. Three holes later I was out with a +2 38 on the front nine (previous best on any nine was 41), and was grinning ear-to-ear, joking about how I was going to be DQ’d.

The back started out strong – driver felt a little open in my hand, so I ripped it hard and watched it sail out of bounds into the street. Course corrected and managed a double. The rest of the nine went pretty smoothly, but I started 3-putting a few holes as I got a little excited about the possibility of a round in the seventies. I stepped up to 17 and told Nell I was glad there wasn’t any chance I would be DQ’d. She pointed out that I was going to be DQ’d unless I shot +3 on the last two holes. Went bogey on 17, and then played the first three on 18 safe, landed on the green lying 3 with 20 feet to go. At the same time, Nell was melting down with a 10, needed a 6 to win the check as it turned out. Chris (Ken’s brother) also finished strong with his first par of the day on 18. I chickened out on my putts and 3-putted for a +9 79, besting my previous best +14 86 by a fair margin. Didn’t expect to be happy as a clam to get no check!