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SEAMGA 2013- The Days Some of You Need To Lie to Your Significant Other About

Here it is Medio's.  These dates are subject to change, but for those of you who like to plan,...plan away.  Our first event is already set up at Jefferson Park Golf Course for Saturday March 23rd.  I will be looking to set up a meetup a week prior to go over all of the changes we have made for 2013, and will finalize details with that this week, as I am needing to talk to a potential sponsor about hosting it.  The courses are TBD so far as I am still seeing what days work best, for which course.  Also note the FORE! Championship will be played on a Sunday this year.  Sorry, but May was already pretty busy.

The Rebel Beach - Saturday March 23rd - Jefferson Park GC 10:25 AM

The Bastard's - Saturday April 27th - TBD

The FORE! - SUNDAY May 19th - TBD

The F.U. Open - Saturday June 22nd - TBD

The Bratish Open - Saturday July 13th - TBD

The MGA - Saturday August 10th - TBD

The DoucheBag - Saturday September 13th - TBD

The Last Gasp - Saturday October 5th - TBD

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