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Ryan Walks Between the Raindrops

What up medios! It’s been a minute . . . 

In a highly unusual circumstance, we had some sort of actual weather affect SOC MGA play. Heat waves maybe, wildfires occasionally, but a hurricane? That’s a new one. Yet there we were, with our tournament originally scheduled for August 20th, which turned out to be the one day that Hilary unleashed her ‘fury’ on southern California. Overblown though it may have been, there was certainly enough wind and rain to give even the stoutest medio pause, and for Talega to close the course all together. So here we are, a full two months since the Bratish, having finally resumed play and gotten our long awaited 2023 Fore Championship in the books.

When the day began overcast with a light drizzle, it started to feel like more than a coincidence, perhaps even a curse. Thankfully it turned out just fine, if a bit gloomy. Soft course conditions greeted the 16 medios teeing it up Sunday at Talega, but it’s still a challenging track and only a few medios had their way with it. We’re told there was some serious betting action going on in some groups, perhaps due to the commencement of the college and pro football seasons. But the most important money changing hands was the $1.71 going to the winner on the day, Ryan Balderian. 

Ryan is a convert to the South OC chapter this season, having moved down from LA, and with the win on Sunday he takes home his second trophy of the 2023 season. Ryan was one of the am-ams who won in the Rebel Beach team portion in March, but now with the Fore he’s got his first individual outright win on the MGA Tour. Ryan came into the tourney with no penalty strokes (but picked up 3 with the W) and shot his lowest ever round on tour to win comfortably by 6 shots. All in all a pretty great day for him as he takes his winnings and departs for Rome to attend the Ryder Cup at Marco Simone. Buon viaggio, Ryan. 

Due to the aforementioned weather delay, we’re a bit behind schedule season-wise, hence the furious pace of the remaining tournaments. Our final two tourneys will both take place in the first two weeks of October to wrap up the season. So with tournaments, recaps, and registration deadlines flying around your best bet is to just get registered and paid right away so you don’t miss anything. Let’s finish the season strong, South OC! 

Event Results

1.Ryan Balderian83$1.71
2.David Duran89$1.05
2.Quan Ha89$1.05
4.Frank Wang91$0.86
5.Greg Flanders92$0.76
6.Keith Beall93$0.67
7.Patrick O'Malley94$0.57
8.Scott Bruce98$0.48
9.Ryan Williams100$0.38
10.David Puzio102$0.29
11.Casey Cariker103$0.19
12.Bobby Barcelona104$0.09
12.Cengiz Tekin104$0.09
14.Robert Hart106$0.07
15.Chris Jacobson108$0.05
17.Paul Zambrano DQ$0.00

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