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Rockin' Robin Movin' On Up Again

Fore!  Another win for Rockin' Robin.  And it wasn't even close.

Mike Robin has been the most consistent golfer I've ever seen since joining the MGA in 2017.  And I didn't realize how much so until I looked at his stats for this article.

Mike has played in 29 regular season tournaments and the only time he finished worse than 4th place was when he DQ'd with a 78.  Wow!  Oh, and he won 9 of those.

And his GML rankings are just as impressive:

    2017 - #167 (cut him some slack - he missed two tournaments)

    2018 - #1

    2019 - #26 (only this low because of the DQ)

    2020 - #6 currently with one event to go (I project him no worse than #4)

So guess who I'm putting on my MGA Fantasy Team in 2021 and beyond.

But still, let's not make it easy on him at The Last Gasp on 11/14.  Make him work for his MGA money to move up the GML.

Even though Mike and some others didn't wear Fore!-themed outfits (you're all on double-secret probabtion), we had enough people wearing bright colors that on-lookers couldn't help but lavish praise and envy.  Good job medios!

Thanks again to our sponsor Livengood & Associates insurance.  Go to if you're in need.

Thanks to Dawn again for making my life easier at check-in and with scorekeeping.

Thanks also to Marion for doing the emcee thing handing out the awards.

We don't have pictures since he left early, but kudos to Don Nogiewich for playing from the blues and still finishing 3rd, while also winning the meltdown award going 42-52.

Event Results

1.Mike Robin86$1.71
2.Andrew Barno93$1.14
3.Donald Nogiewich94$0.95
4.Leroy Hamilton95$0.86
5.David Smith97$0.76
6.Pat Farra98$0.67
7.Greg bobrowski99$0.48
7.John Montagnino99$0.48
7.Troy McNeal99$0.48
10.Wayne Eidson101$0.29
11.Pete "Padre" Bedell103$0.19
12.Francisco Mendes109$0.09
12.Roy Huden109$0.09
14.Craig Domini114$0.07
15.Stephen Stanforth116$0.05
16.Marion Kelley118$0.03