Chapter News

Rob Koth Employs Controversial New Technique To Win The Bastards.

PLEASANTON, CA - Rob Koth won his second Coveted Blue Trucker Cap yesterday through repeated use of a technique never-before-seen in the MGA. Koth intentionally and repeatedly took aim before each shot and then proceeded to hit the ball to the spot he had aimed at. The MGA has lauched a partial-scale investigation into the legality of this technique, but early signs seems to indicate that this victory will stand, turning the MGA as a whole on its ear.

Some speculate Koth may have been trying out this technique as early as last season, when he stormed to the SF Chapter Money Title. Most medios have traditionally skipped the aiming portion of pre-shot routine, labeling it "pointless" and "a waste of time". However, after witnessing Koth shoot an 83 (winning the gross award) and doing some simple math, even the densest of medios was able to see that taking 15-20 shots less on course would probably end up saving them some time overall.

Matt Telles had another solid outing and pocketed a cool $000000.77 with his T-2 finish, jumping him up five spots on the CML to 3rd overall. He tied with Andy Murray, who had a hell of a day to take his best ever finish on tour. His previous best was 8th place, which he had done twice before. Murray scorched the front 9, shooting a 43, but looked to be on his way to the Meltdown Award after starting the back 9 with scores of 6-7-7. He righted the ship on 13 however and now sits 6th on the CML.

Rob Koth now sits on top of the CML, followed kinda closely by Am-Am Champ Kevin Williams. Williams had to move back a set of tees after winning the season opener, adding 400 yards to the already challenging layout. He coped well on the front nine, shooting a 44, but ran completely out of cope on the back nine to shoot a 55 and take home the Meltdown Award.

The Kinda Long Drive was kinda won by Welder after his drive ended up 30 yards up the fairway from Lucky Kick's 300 yard poke. However after feeling personally attacked, triggered and robbed, El Presidente is considering a rule change; seeing as Am-Am Key To The Red Tee Winner Welder hit his drive from the Red tees, 103 yards ahead of the White tees.

Jonathan Wolper added to his collection of MGA awards with his first ever Kinda Closest To The Pin win. His green-seeking missle to 15' 2" was good enough to hold up through the 4 groups who came after him.

Rob Brockett returned to his non-Crystal Springs form to take the Most Mediocre award in 14th place.

Meanwhile, after finishing in the money at the Am-Am, Nate Kotila collected his first Red Key with a surprisingly not-that-bad 112.

Next up for the SFMGA is the MGA Championship on May 29th at Eagle Vines in Napa.

Event Results

1.Rob Koth89$1.26
2.Matt Telles91$0.77
2.Andrew Murray91$0.77
4.Je$$e Marty92$0.63
5.Todd Benoit-Benoit 93$0.53
5.Chris Jönsson93$0.53
7.scott sanders94$0.35
7.Matthew Wilson94$0.35
7.Welder *94$0.35
10.Rob Kristie95$0.18
10.Martin Brohm95$0.18
12.Bob G96$0.07
12.Nils Erickson96$0.07
14.Rob Brockett98$0.05
15.Kevin Williams99$0.03
15.David Armstrong99$0.03
17.Justin Davidson101$0.00
18.Jonathan Wolper102$0.00
19.Jon Morley103$0.00
20.Kent Jamieson104$0.00
21.victoria martin105$0.00
21.Mike Plemons105$0.00
21.David Gotz105$0.00
24.Dan Graves106$0.00
25.Chad Nessi107$0.00
25.Jason Morse107$0.00
27.Nate Kotila112$0.00