Chapter News

Riggs wins again in a playoff with Strocsher. New Douche!

Brent Riggs wins again in another playoff with Alex Strocsher.  Riggs is officially and unofficially, the Douche Bag of 2021.  Congrats.

Joe Castillo was Most Mediocre, Dan Dillion had the biggest meltdown with a whopping 13 strokes.  Shane Shidaker had the LD and Richard Wine got the MGA KP and Billy McPhee got the KP on 13.  Alex and Jeremy Huttner got the low gross with 80's.  Stanley Cha secured the keys to the red key. 

Good times had by all and a lot of good scores.  See you at the Last Gasp!

Event Results

1.Brent Riggs84$1.35
2.Alex Strocsher84$0.90
3.Andy Arnone86$0.68
3.Casey Hanel86$0.68
3.Josh Perry86$0.68
6.Richard Wine87$0.53
7.Raymond Pierott88$0.41
7.Carlos B Blandino88$0.41
9.Maxwell McCutcheon89$0.23
9.Jeff Stanton89$0.23
9.Brady Sieg89$0.23
12.Jeremy Huttner90$0.08
13.Billy McPhee91$0.07
14.Shane Shidaker92$0.05
15.joseph castillo94$0.04
16.Tripp Peters95$0.02
17.Darrell Doust97$0.00
18.Dan Dillon103$0.00
19.Duane Peters113$0.00
20.Stanley Cha117$0.00
24.Don SorberDNF$0.00
24.Ken VaughnDNF$0.00
24.Brett PaddockDNF$0.00
24.Tye HarwoodDNF$0.00