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Rick McCutcheon Wins the AM-AM and the team with Don Sorber

Rick breaks through for his first and wins the AM-AM.  Somehow Don pitched in and they won the 2-headed trophy.  Congrats.  

The long drive and the KP went to Jon Lewis.  Chance secured the Most Mediocre while Duane Peters got the Red Key and Richard Wine got the low gross.  Anthony Perez had a truly epic meltdown with 41/58.  UGH!!!!

Good times had by all and the Bastards is next.

Event Results

1.Rick McCutcheon85$1.12
2.Jon Lewis86$0.74
3.Jason Misner89$0.62
4.Jeff Stanton90$0.56
5.Richard Wine91$0.47
5.Ken Vaughn91$0.47
7.Kevin Russell92$0.37
8.B.J. Koppert93$0.25
8.Jim Stein93$0.25
8.Andy Arnone93$0.25
11.Ryan Kofman94$0.12
12.Alex Strocsher95$0.05
12.Dan Dillon95$0.05
12.Don Sorber95$0.05
12.David Ingraham95$0.05
16.Chance Prosser97$0.02
17.Gary Lawrence98$0.00
18.Anthony Perez100$0.00
18.Tripp Peters100$0.00
20.Josh Perry101$0.00
20.Robert Frazier101$0.00
22.Mark Woodward102$0.00
23.Jon Oxman106$0.00
23.Stan Cha106$0.00
25.Joseph Morrissy110$0.00
26.DJ Sixberry112$0.00
27.Chyle Edic114$0.00
28.Zachary Jones115$0.00
29.Don Crosby116$0.00
30.Duane Peters125$0.00
30.Dougie Evans125$0.00
32.Zach TobiasDNF$0.00

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