Chapter News

Return of the Marshall, 3 Chase Money Title

            Three vie for the money list going into the final tourney of the year but one came out of nowhere. Tyler Marshall shot the low round of 80 and penalty adjusted 87 to talk the beautiful trophy and big check. Marhsall got a huge $1.71 to jump into first plave a $0.16 lead over the absent Zach Carson. Tying for second place at Metro was Mike Drews taking an adjusted 88 and a $1.05 and trails Tyler by $0.22. Fourth place on the money list is Larry Morgan but $1.56 pretty much ends his journey as Money Champ in our chapter. Ahad Dil shot an 82 and adjusted 88 to tie Mike Drews for 2nd place and another above mediocre round. Ahad is prepping for next year's The Matches after prioritizing family, unlike Tom Brady, and showing how a man and father are suppose to act. Hi Mr. Bailey. 

         Long Drive went to Larry "crushed it" Morgan, I assume 320+yds ;). Closest to Pin went to Mikie Schiano's brother Richie. Richie came out to check out the competiotn and see if our mediocre events entice him. I think he might be there Nov 6, upsell gentlemen, upsell. In amazing news, high score of the year goes to Bill Bailey for a 73/67 and total of 140. When Bill does soemthing, he earns it. And Bill earned the key to the reds at DIablo Creek Nov 6. By the way the LAST tourney of the year. 

        Thanks again for joining our special chapter in another amazing event. Without you guys, we wouldnt have as many PMGAers!

NOV 6 Diablo Creek