Chapter News

The return to 'kinda' normal

For Cincy MGA, the 11th season was a great one as we got back to a more normal schedule. Forty six guys joined up this year and we averaged 25 guys per tournament, won both of the match play competition (BS and Buckeye Cup) and sent seven guys to the MGAWC in Vegas.
It started off with really shitty weather for the third year in a row even though we moved it back to April. It was a great Rebel Beach am/am despite the weather with ‘the Skipper’, Skip Koesterman beating out Matt Brown and the Billdozer in a putt off in the snack bar on a very cold and very wet day at the Sharon Woods golf course.
The Bastards moved to our traditional venue of the Vineyard on May 1 and again we saw a tie at the top. Eric Simon Thomas was making his come back to the MGA after a couple of years overseas and tied with Tyler Stout after 18 holes. Since Eric had to leave he graciously conceded the win to make Tyler Stout the 2021 Bastards champion.
Tough competition is obviously the norm in this chapter as our MGA in May went to a playoff for the third tournament in a row. Taking the first major of the season Bryan Scott out chipped and putted Mr. Timothy Grimes on a tough Stonelick Hills course that saw it’s fair share of double digit scores on several of the holes.
Scott Feldman made the top 10 from only the second time in his career but did it in style as he took home the FU trophy. He did it on a tough Shaker Rum course with a score of 90 about 3 strokes higher than our normal winning scores.
We finished off the first half of the season wiith our annual beating of the northern Kentucky chapter in the BS cup, We returned to Kentucky this year and this year‘s competition was tough and came down to the last group before Cincinnati pulled away for a four-point victory 30 to 26.
Bryan Scott took Walden Ponds by storm shooting an 83 to take home his second paycheck of the year. The course was also kind enough to hand out a couple of DQs to Chris Monday and Sir Timothy Patrick Grimes.
The DQ at the Bratish was apparently a warm up for Grimes as he came back at the end of August to take the biggest money of the year at the Fore Championship. On a miserably hot day Grimes smoked the rest of the field with his 83 net 89. The always tough Blue Ash golf course handed out no favors and no DQs.
Next up was the regional event in Toledo. It continues to grow and we took up 11 golfers with hopes of bringing home the Chapters Cup. Sadly it was a fourth place finish and while we did not bring home the chapters cup we had a great time partying with the other 9 chapters..
At the douche bag Brendan Griffith staged one of the great comebacks in MGA history, although given that we are all mediocre golfers maybe we should not be surprised. He went from red key at the Bratish to victory at the Douchebag. Shooting a solid 90 to get by Skip by two strokes.
The Buckeye Cup has become a huge event this year we had seven teams and 84 golfers competing so it was a true honor when Cincinnati brought the cup home. This is the third time Cincy has won it four out of the ten times that it has been played. Solid performances by each of the twosome‘s helped us to sneak past Cleveland by one point total. We took a team of 12 up there but there was some question of whether it was actually 11 because we are not sure if Hal Ericson was actually there!
We wrapped up the official season at the Last Gasp with one of our solid golfers putting down a solid score. Chris Hicks came out laid down and 80 to take to tie Hal Ericson at 87. He then showed that he has ice in his veins, even with all that antifreeze he puts in them at each tournament, as he beat Hal in the chip and putt off to take the Last Gasp trophy home.
Proving that we really do enjoy each other, we added another event to wrap up the season. We headed to Shaker Run again to play a three man scramble. Bob Evans caught fire and with some help from Jason and Scott, brought home a win with a nice 69, four strokes ahead of the next closest team.
The world championship saw us fielding a team of seven guys. MGAWC veterans , Bill and Tim lead 5 newbies to the magical land of Vegas and all of them came home promising that they will never miss it again. The highlight of the weekend was Dave Gibson coming home number seven in the world parentheses very impressive given that there are 280 golfers playing in this event! We tied for 10th place in the Chapters Cup out of 33 chapters competing.
The chapter money list this year was almost no contest as Grimes lapped everyone with his two victories and consistent play throughout the year. Even with a DQ he finished with $4.56 or $1.08 clear of Bryan Scott who with his two victories took home $3.48
Another great year with a bunch of the old timers enjoying some success and several newbies settling in on their way to becoming all timers. See you all in 2022