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Registration Reminder

March 15, 2023


Hello Friends,

Registration closes March 16th so this is your last chance to join us for the first tournament of the year!  


A few things to do before we meet in 11 days…


Read up on the MGA tournament rules.  I’ll go over the basics in person when we prepare to tee off but just know your golf rules.  All events are stroke play.  There are no gimme putts or mulligans.  Have one person in your group keep track of the scorecard.  Turn it into me at the conclusion of the round so I can tally up our scores.  


The Rebel Am Am is a partner event.  You and your partner’s score will be added up at the conclusion of the round.  Lowest total score determines our co champions for the event. 


I’ll have more updates as we approach our first tournament date!


Yours Truly,

Tommy Seijo

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