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Regan Wins FORE!, Thanks Everyone For Not Coming


Aaron Regan won the 2013 SEAMGA FORE! Championship, but instead of talking up a 89 +1 90, he took a different stance, thanking all of the no shows.  ‘I can’t believe I won.  I want to thank Newman, Smith, McInelly, Harper, Hatten, Englesby, etc for having better things to do.  That’s no slam on any of the other 18 Medio’s that came out to fight for this thing, but I am sure somebody in that group would have shot better than 89 to win this title  You would think having two 8’s on the card puts you out of it, but today I guess not.’  It was Regan’s second FORE! Championship (2009 after beating Tom Smith in a putt off to break a tie at 83), and his 6th career win.

Kevin Rowles turned in his best ever tournament performance with a 91 good enough for 2nd place. Rowles did what he needed to off the tee, hitting long sweeping draws that also brought him the Long Drive Award on the day
In 3rd place was Mark “Tallest Man on Tour” Borda. Borda turned in a 93 on the day, for his second straight top ten finish. Many have picked Borda to win one of these damn tourneys in the past, to which Borda claims Medio’s have ‘over estimated his skill level’.
Kevin Dale made his second straight top 5, with a +2 94 to give him 4th. Dale finished second in last months Bastards, and continues to be a Medio that everyone should try to get too drunk to golf from here on out. The sentiment on tour is that Dale’s time is coming, and he is going to win one of these tourneys this year.
Rounding out the top 5 was none other than Kellen “Big Easy” Barry. Kellen shot a 95 with his typical ‘I make this shit look easy’ fashion.
Other notables included a newbie to the SEAMGA by way of Chi-town. A former Chicago Medio, Derek Strittmatter finished in a 3 way tie for 15th with Drew ‘MGA has killed my game’ Warren, and Eric ‘The other lawyer’ Trujillo with a 107. Derek showed us that bad golf isn’t just prevalent on the Left Coast, but that tight, plaid pants are all the rage in the East and should catch on here shortly.
Hogie also had quite the day. He had a rare top 10 with his 8th place 99, and also was awarded the Mike Davie Award.
Mike “The Other” Krouse took home the KP award, with his 8’3” dart he threw on the 5th hole par 3.
And finally Jeremy Larcom had quite the Meltdown. Jeremy had a +31 (yeah you read that right) to chew on. Bystanders were puzzled at how he relished in this achievement and began to question whether intent to suck was the plan all along. His 96 on the back was beat by all of the top 5 with their total score on the day. In other news, Chapter President Aaron Regan is now asking for volunteers to pair Jeremy with next tourney. Call me, please.

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Great write up, but you forgot to mention where I can get a pair of those blue pants.

Fastest write up ever haha

I'm holding myself to a high standard now Tom, no writeups outside of a week.

Nice work Regan, PS I shouldn't miss any more TOURNEYS so we should at least tie in a couple before this year is over!