Chapter News

Reese Keeps Bastards Jacket for another year in Balt!

Ryan Reese flirts with DQ but manages to suck just enough to collect another Bastards title in Baltimore. Props to Bernard Settle who actually tied Reese, but left the course early before everybody finished...therefore was not able to compete in a putt off, giving way to another victory to Reese who birdied the number one handicap hole ( Bernard Bogied).

Event Results

1.Ryan Reese87$1.26
2.Bernard Settle87$0.84
3.Bill Wyatt III89$0.70
4.George Cunningham91$0.60
4.Eric Bomgardner91$0.60
6.Rick Miller92$0.46
6.Charles Wentz92$0.46
8.Jeff Simmons93$0.32
8.Matt Cougle93$0.32
10.Ian Alexander94$0.21
11.Noah Kiehle95$0.11
11.Anthony Young95$0.11
13.William Hook98$0.06
14.Gabe Medina99$0.05
15.James Wyatt100$0.04
16.Chad Gunning104$0.02
17.Paul Jester109$0.00
18.Garland Griswold119$0.00