Chapter News

Reese goes back to back!

Ryan Reese snags Bastards jacket from 2020 Bastards winner Eric Baumgardner.  The title was Reese's second straight in 2021 (home slice also won the AM AM)....His 84 was 4 strokes better than Chuck Wentz, Mark Hill George Cunningham and Mat Coughlin ( all 88).

Event Results

1.Ryan Reese84$1.26
2.Charles Wentz88$0.68
2.Mat Coughlin88$0.68
2.Mark Hill88$0.68
2.George Cunningham88$0.68
6.Jeff Simmons91$0.49
7.Anthony Young92$0.39
7.Garland Griswold92$0.39
9.Kevin Showe93$0.25
9.James Wyatt93$0.25
11.Luke Thomas94$0.14
12.Noah Kiehle95$0.05
12.Eric Bomgardner95$0.05
12.Joe Busch95$0.05
12.Joshua Wolinsky95$0.05
16.Timothy shannon96$0.02
17.Dan Jones97$0.00
18.Justin Baker98$0.00
18.Matthew Murphy98$0.00
18.Chad Gunning98$0.00
21.Anthony Colella103$0.00
21.Matt Cougle103$0.00
23.Rick Miller104$0.00