Chapter News

Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020

Today was the day, a hot Sunday in Bensalem, the site of  the first event of the MGA Philly Chapter, the Rebel Beach Am-Am. By all accounts it was an event to remember, with a little bit of everything.  Due the current "health situation" in the good ole USA, an event that would normally be done in late March was held in Late June. Thankfully we had 2 solid foursomes with a bunch of personality to entertain the masses, or at least the guys in the cart next to us looking for the OB Ball. 

So on a day filled with heat and humidity, players showed up mostly on time and some were even able to make some quality swings at the range. Sadly the putting green was neglected and it showed on some score cards. Now while I can't speak for the degenerates in the oher foursome, the 11:30 group had a good time.

Highlight of the day would be Tommy Kepier knocking in an Eagle from 207 on the first Par 5. Based on his reaction it even shocked him.  Sadly, he did follow it with a 13 later in the round. Ryan Magaskie had a very solid round, bombing it past all on the Par 5 and even keeping it even the fairway. While we all made a solid effort on the Closest to the Pin Par 3, only 1 of the grouping managed to hit the green.  The tragedy that I witnessed was a sad example of short game golf. Numerous balls being skulled from sandtrap to sandtrap. Balls being lost and shortly found, basically lots of wasted strokes on a pretty straightforward Par 3...MGA Golf at its finest. Fortunately, play improved from that point..or at least pace of play picked up a tad. Accolades to Bobby for bringing not only a strong fashion sense but smart iron play. While his putting may be lacking and he probably owes some Putt-Putt course a borrowed putter. 

From discussions with Jared, Dave and Brett post round the front foursome had a good time and based on some witnessed ball strking, play in the front was consistent with play in the back.  Overall winners of the Am-Am were Jared and Dave, other awards are as noted on the website. Overall, a successful inaugural event for the MGA - Philly Chapter. If this in any indication of what is to come for the rest of the season, we are going to be some truly "mediocre" play. Can't wait for the next event!

Event Results

1.Jared Tuwalski95$0.56
2.David Andrews95$0.37
3.Matthew Galbally108$0.31
4.Ryan Magaskie110$0.28
5.Robert Weber114$0.25
6.Tommy Keiper117$0.22
7.Brett Kahn118$0.19
8.Kyle Koerner126$0.16