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Pruitt wins his 3rd Major of career

The Knoxville MGA played their MGA Championship at Ruggles Ferry Golf course. Shotgun start for the early morning round with 41 players fighting for the Golden Necklace and for some still looking for that first Major of their MGA career. Debbie Campbell (Tampa Chapter) started things off on the long drive hole by placing her name on top, to then be overtaken by Alex Mckee, basically really only Alex's highlight of the day. It didn't hold as, Mike Forcier took the second sticker of his career home with him. Bruce Campbell (Tampa Chapter) was on the Closest to the Pin list for awhile, until Jason Pruitt took it home and he did birdie the hole, but didn't put the $1.00 in the Jackpot, so the pot carries over to the next tournament.......SUCKER! Long putt had a few on the list, probably started off as a 1 footer and grew from there (you can take that any way you want to), as Eugene Millett was that last golfer standing to take the trophy home! Hole in 2 Challenge was carried over from the last tournament, and only Mike Forcier was able to make it happen, as he walked away with the cash on the day!

As for the 10's on the day, Darrell Roberts Jr took that award home with 5 on the day, but The Henleys each had 2 a piece, with Shelly Henley scoring her first ten on the very first hole she played by going thru entire sleeve of golf balls. Shelly Henley took home the award for most 8's on the day, which was sponsored from #smokeandbacongolf

Brandon Grooms had a rough back nine with +13 compared to the front, but did first in 2nd place.

Jason Pruitt took home the gold with a 83 on the day, still lost the jackpot money by not putting in a dollar......SUCKER! This makes his 3rd Major win of his career!

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Event Results

1.Jason Pruitt83$1.35
2.Brandon Grooms87$0.90
3.Shane Peck88$0.68
3.Dave Keener88$0.68
3.Andrew Millett88$0.68
6.Marcus Pratt89$0.53
7.Michael Forcier90$0.38
7.Martin Niezgoda90$0.38
7.Junior Wiggins 90$0.38
10.Brandon Wise91$0.23
11.Bruce Campbell92$0.15
12.Alan Martin93$0.06
12.Joe Ontiveros93$0.06
12.David Simons 93$0.06
12.Patrick Stambaugh93$0.06
16.Jake Bandel94$0.02
16.Jason Bowers94$0.02
18.Paul Smith95$0.00
19.Korey Whitlock96$0.00
19.Mark Love96$0.00
19.Fred Tipton96$0.00
22.Sean Fay97$0.00
22.Gene Millett97$0.00
24.Alex McKee100$0.00
25.Matt Kellar101$0.00
26.Cody Mckee104$0.00
26.Fred Ball104$0.00
28.Max Raterman106$0.00
29.John Henley107$0.00
29.Jeremiah Householder107$0.00
31.David Ashburn110$0.00
32.Bill Hickman111$0.00
33.Charles Norris116$0.00
34.MIKE COHEN120$0.00
35.Shelly Henley121$0.00
36.Michael Grider122$0.00
36.Curtis Stone122$0.00
38.Darrell Roberts130$0.00
39.Eric BeasleyDQ$0.00