Chapter News

Pro Birch Am-Am in the books

After rough weather and the greens still waking up from their winter slumber, the first event of the inagural 2021 Findlay MGA season turned out 11 brave souls. With wind chills in the 40's and a screaming southerly wind, Shawn Murphy reeled in his second career Am-Am gross award victory! Phil Sylak and Tim Anderson (Long Drive) were the team trophy winners, with James Toler (Most Mediocre), Wayne Patton (Closet to the Pin) and Matt Lenhart (Red Key and Meltdown Award) rounding out the trophy presentations. Everyone that attended had an absolute blast and will be returning (with a few others) to enjoy our first "Major" on the year! "The Bastards" will be played on May 16th at Sycamore Springs Golf Club and is shaping up to be a tremendous shit show with fast greens and immaculate spring conditions! Come one, come all to see an amazing venue and a group of golf slacking fanatics tearing the place apart! 

Event Results

1.Shawn Murphy97$0.70
2.Tim Anderson100$0.47
3.Wayne Patton 104$0.39
4.Jason Miller105$0.33
4.Philip Sylak105$0.33
6.Kevin Fetters106$0.27
7.Tim Evans117$0.23
8.James Toler124$0.19
9.Ron Anderson131$0.16
10.Matthew Lenhart155$0.12
11.Jordan BidwellDNF$0.00