Chapter News

Pleasant View, Weather Not Pleasant

It was not an easy decision to play with temps right at freezing and 20+ mph winds but the course was open and this is Wisconsin after all.  I was extremely proud to only have 2 cancle and we even had a 1:30 am addition to the field, thats dedication!  For more on the round, heres the play-by-play from Nony. 

A Jolly Good Fellow

Anger, despair, degradation, oh the indignity! And its fucking 32 degrees outside! Welcome to the Last Gasp, Wisconsin style. 14 Medios turned out to shrivel their nethers and face off with the man in the mirror… oh and drink beer. The 9am grouping of Jeremy, Brandon, and Shannon saw the first crack of the morning at freezing point with a wide left, wide right, and a just right off the tee box. That would be the only just right for Brandon as he tumbled down the hole of hopelessness for a solid 111. Everyone else in the group would make solid progress as the day went on, including Shannon improving 14 shots from the woods to prairie course. Did I mention we played “Pleasant View”? The Pleasant View that saw 30 mile an hour blistering winds on # ten tee box… Fuck. Anyway. The day wasn’t without some awesome moments as well. Nell took down all the fellas with longest drive of the day and easily slipped into 3rd place. The Chapter Leader cruised to another top 5 finish and the coveted Chapter $$ List Title. Carl melted down on the easier nine (+12) and Casey will be teeing from the Ladies box to kick off our 2020 campaign. The real drama set in with the last group on the 18th green. Austin missed his Meagle and a chance to take the tourney into extras. Let’s just say he is lucky he missed, pulling the flock from the warm embrace of their cocktails and shelter from the wind could have seen Austin go more than low gross for the day. After such hoopla it was Jeremy raising his second big check of the year and crying on his way home after his beloved Horns fell to OU during the awards ceremony. Hear, Hear, time to hibernate, and dream short rough dreams of 2020!



A big thanks to everybody for an awesome season, look forward to seeing you all next year.