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PGA Tour Lives In A House Of Lies

THE INTERNET, CA - The PGA Tour seems dead set on stealing not only rules from the MGA, but also history.

If you happen to tune in to the PGA Championship this weekend (and why would you, since it's obviously the least important major) you'll be sure to hear all about how "ThIS iS tHe FIrsT MaJOr EvER hElD AT hArdINg paRK!" Oh really PGA Tour? Really? Well then how do you explain this video below, CLEARLY showing the final round of the 2006 Bastards, the first ever MGA tournmanet and obviously a MAJOR. What's next PGA Tour? When will it stop? Why don't you just let us do our thing and you can come up with your own ideas?


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And the MGA TOUR just has a Champion who does ... Revoke The Belt #notmychamp

The MGA is like Rodney Dangerfield...

This video belongs on Golf’s Greatest Rounds