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The Perfect Douche wins the Douche Bag! Congrats B.J. Koppert

Yes indeed, karma came around and B.J. Koppert won the Douche Bag Invitational by 2 strokes over second place douches of Jim Stein and Rick McCutheon.

Dan Dillion was most mediocre, Steve Woodard had and EPIC meltdown and melted into the earth and hasn't been seen since, Dave Ingraham got long drive, Dan Dillion also got the MGA KP and Mr. Dougie Doug Evans added to his collection of red keys.  Speaking of douche bags, Jeremy Huttner got low gross with a 76. 

Devils ball was won by....I have to dig out my notes.  

Event Results

1.B.J. Koppert88$1.35
2.Jim Stein90$0.83
2.Rick McCutcheon90$0.83
4.Kevin Russell91$0.68
5.Robert Frazier92$0.53
5.Anthony Perez92$0.53
5.Brent Riggs92$0.53
8.Andy Arnone93$0.38
9.Casey Hanel94$0.30
10.Ben Holliday96$0.13
10.Billy McPhee96$0.13
10.Maxwell McCutcheon96$0.13
10.Ken Vaughn96$0.13
14.Richard Wine97$0.04
14.David Ingraham97$0.04
14.Dan Dillon97$0.04
17.Tripp Peters99$0.00
18.Don Sorber101$0.00
19.Ryan Kofman103$0.00
19.Stan Cha103$0.00
21.Steve Woodard107$0.00
21.Alejo Maciel107$0.00
23.Kelvin Ono108$0.00
24.Eric Batchelor113$0.00
25.Dougie Evans117$0.00
27.Jeremy HuttnerDQ$0.00
27.Jeff StantonDNF$0.00

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