Chapter News

Patro dominates from the tips... Earns FORE title

Derek Petro (84) outlasts Noah Kiehle (86) and George Cunningham (88) at Mount Pleasant in B'more to take the Fore title.  The victory was his second in a row on tour....

Event Results

1.Derek Patro84$1.71
2.Noah Kiehle86$1.14
3.Mat Coughlin89$0.95
4.George Cunningham90$0.86
5.Ryan Reese91$0.71
5.Charles Wentz91$0.71
7.Bernard Settle92$0.57
8.Jeff Simmons95$0.43
8.Kevin Showe95$0.43
10.Eric Bomgardner96$0.29
11.Rick Miller99$0.19
12.Matt Cougle102$0.09
12.Anthony Young102$0.09
14.Timothy shannon103$0.07
15.James Wyatt104$0.04
15.Eric Cowell104$0.04
17.Doug Cesky 106$0.00
18.Gabe Medina108$0.00
19.Chad Gunning110$0.00
20.Paul Jester126$0.00
21.Garland Griswold129$0.00
22.Aaron HedetniemiDNF$0.00