Chapter News

Party On Wayne!

Bravo for our newest Bastard, Wayne Eidson. Party On Wayne!

And thanks to our chapter sponsor Glory Days for making all things possible for us.

In addition to winning the kinda big check, the blue trucker cap and the crappy green jacket, Wayne won the tiny trophy for low gross (along with brand-spankin' new member Gary Rivoli).  And he won the Stepped In Shit award for the second month in a row.

There was no denying Wayne today.  Even Lee's second malbatross this year left him just a little short of The Great One (yes, another Wayne reference - look it up if you're too young to know it).


And look who's on top of the world, ma...

Event Results

1.Wayne Eidson88$1.26
2.Leroy Hamilton89$0.84
3.Gary Rivoli92$0.70
4.Darwin Nichols93$0.60
4.Donald Nogiewich93$0.60
6.Mike Robin94$0.46
6.Sal Gennusa94$0.46
8.Zach Shelburne95$0.35
9.Greg bobrowski98$0.25
9.Allen Lewis98$0.25
11.John Grochowicz99$0.11
11.Pete "Padre" Bedell99$0.11
13.Troy Englund100$0.06
14.JAKE LEWIS103$0.04
14.Troy McNeal103$0.04
16.Roy Huden106$0.02
17.Hayden Lewis107$0.00
18.Roy Fiehler108$0.00
19.Craig Domini109$0.00