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Golden Hills Country Club  boy did id not disappoint from the extra thick rough to the slick greens. This course was going to serve problems to any member of the Charleston MGA. 

When you think 3 putts are bad you have seen nothing until you 4 putt on these very fast and tricky greens. As medios scores through the first 4 holes were not bad. BOOOOOM the numbers start to climb. If you miss the fairway here you were in big trouble. It was a teeth cutting temptation for the three new members we gained starting this tournament ( Sam, David, & Jay).

As they started off on the hardest course we have played this season. With the average score being 110 your Charleston chapter leader came in clutch with a score of 81 ( 86 after penalty strokes) he knew if there was any chance of keeping 18 peaches from winning chapter money list for 2023 he needed this win. He delivered. Now on to the last gasp it is what it says it is can the top 3 in the chapter stop peachy from winning it. The odds are against us! 



Event Results

1.Matthew Lee86$1.18
2.Joshua Masuga95$0.79
3.Jordan Arcturus98$0.66
4.Shawn Jolley99$0.59
5.Jose Aguayo101$0.53
6.Patrick McLellan103$0.46
7.Jason U da Man108$0.39
8.Troy Shepard110$0.33
9.Ben Masuga113$0.23
9.Joshua Thigpen113$0.23
11.Samuel Lindblad117$0.13
12.Basir Robertson122$0.07
13.John Gainey128$0.06
14.David Bennett148$0.05
15.Louis NelsonDNF$0.00

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