Chapter News

One Dbag Who Tried to Fool Them All

Rookie Bobby gets revenge for losing the playoff at The FORE, and shoots a lifetime best 85 to get his 1st Big Check


The Douchebag Invitational doubles as a Welcome Home party for several long gone IEMGA Medios


And NotOurChamp19 continues his "I'm a huge sandbaggin' Dbag" World Tour  



SAN BERNARDINO, CA-  In late August the IEMGA headed to the northern edge of the Inland Empire for the Douchebag Invitational, which for some reason was scheduled at possibly the least Douchey course in all of the IE.   

And they even gave us a primetime Shotgun for only Twenty-something Medios. And Had Carts Staged. And Breakfast Included. And Range... Really What a Deal! 

Maybe the cosmos channelled their collective energy from the heavens down over the foothills and through the clubs of Rookie Bobby, or maybe his steady progression has been clearly evident and he was just due, but whatever you believe he did it, and although he may have won, he still has a ways to go before he can claim the title of DOUCHEBAG of the YEAR...  

Unless you have been living your unbridled best life in a fake reality solely offline, while the rest of us have been quarentined and scurry around when we can, you would know that without question the title of Douchebag of the Year belongs to Dan Butz of the FAKE CHAPTER of CENTRAL COAST. Still never heard of um? Well this is the DBAG that lied and cheated his way to win the MGA Belt in the fall of 2019. You don't just shed 10 handicap strokes and then all of a sudden revert to your previous handicap when eyes are on you. If I didn't cheat I sure would have responded Loud and Proud, as I'm sure so would have you dear reader. Yet months have gone by and still silence from a guy who we couldn't get to shut up prior. The fact that he wasn't stripped of the Belt is out of my control, and the fact that he hasn't voluntarily vacated the belt or even bothered to man up and explain himself publicly isn't suprising given the chicken shit self agrandizing behavior that he has already so publicly displayed. Instead he slinks around privately trying to sell his tale of woe in between feeble bribery attempts (ya Medios tallk)... Anyways, so this was (likely) my last and final Fuck You to the dude that cheated Co-founder Willie Dills and SFMGA Scott Sanders out of their rightful playoff for the belt, after rounds they both played their asses off for, while NotOurChamp just sandbagged for a year in his chapter and then shot a few average to below average rounds to "win" the Belt. So 805's were drank in his dishonor and toasted with the collective hope that he never comes back... but if he does, we'll be waiting to make sure Medios Old and New NEVER FORGET He Is No Champion....Freakin' DBAG.        

But on the happier side 2019 IEMGA CML Champion Shane Wells finally collected his hardware and made his first showing of the year since he and Tommy Gun won Low Gross at the Offseason Two Medio Scramble back in February. He shot a strong 87 (+2) and claimed Solo 2nd place in his grand return. Oh and 2018 CML Champion Tommy Gun, ya he also made his return and DQ'd for his 1st time ever. 78 and now his strokes are legitimately at a completely reasonable (+9). Two champions who own their scores, Long Live the Champs. 

Bear showed up lookin the part and shot a respectable 92 from the Blues, but his (+6) strokes landed him in a Five-way Tie for 10th.

While Eric was Poppin collars and collecting imaginary dollars, Rookie Andrew Dominici looks on as the ultimate Non-Sandbagger 

Chris Kerpan thought he might've won his first Kinda Long Drive

He didn't, Neal Did, again... like a Dbag (wink) 

But Kerp did drop this Meagle as Brian watched on in his sandals and Tommy Bahama get-up

And got his biggest check yet with his T-3rd place finish. Our defending Douchebag Champion from 2019 OG Tim Minamyer joined Kerp in 3rd along with another grand return for 2018 Mediocre Golfer of the Year, Howie Henry IV.  

Markus Doll cracked the Top 10 for his first time ever while Lyman "Pain Train" King ended his streak of Top 3 finishes...

By the time the Sun-Brella came out to complete the look, the camera was away and general focus was waning, but thats no excuse to not make all your putts as Pain Train's lil floor hockey exhibition cost him an extra stroke and a five spot fall on the money list to Solo 15th and Most Mediocre on the Day.

Wild Turkey didn't Ace but he did hole out from 60 yards or so.... for Mirdie

And Last but Never Least, well at least until this day... Colin "C-Law" Lawrence made his return after a year plus absence to come back to his home course and drop the highest score he has ever carded in an IEMGA tourney. His 111 has now tied CL Jstar's (Net) score as the lowest Red Key Winner in our chapter's history. He almost definitely would have got away unscathed if Ricky Dick hadn't decided to DNF after the air temperature crested 82 degrees. Some may say Ricky should get it for quitting but for some of us playing Reds is a one time deal and that's just not how the MGA rolls so we look forward to seeing what C-Law can do from the Lady Tees at Indian Hills where he previously had his highest place finish ever. 

Event Results

1.Robert Smith85$1.35
2.Shane Wells89$0.90
3.Tim Minamyer90$0.68
3.Chris Kerpan 90$0.68
3.Howard Henry IV90$0.68
6.Christopher Garcia91$0.49
6.Josh Olson91$0.49
8.Brian Lopez92$0.38
9.Markus Doll96$0.30
10.Eric Matteson98$0.11
10.Jason Moyer98$0.11
10.Steve Woodland98$0.11
10.Brian Carson98$0.11
10.Neil Ashworth98$0.11
15.Lyman King99$0.04
16.Ryan Davis101$0.02
17.Jeff Olson104$0.00
18.Andrew Dominici106$0.00
18.Pete Garcia 106$0.00
20.Gilbert Tiedt107$0.00
20.Devin Hundley107$0.00
22.Anthony Gallardo108$0.00
23.Colin Lawrence111$0.00
25.Tommy CochranDQ$0.00
25.Richard DunhamDNF$0.00