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Official MGAWC and Born Hairy Fields Announced

THE INTERNET, CA - The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here. The rosters are up! After months of sitting at your desk watching the clock slowly tick by, it's finally time to head to the locker room bulletin board to see if you made the team.

Congrats to all the players who made it into the MGAWC. For those of you who didn't and are playing in the Born Hairy this year, dont despair. Your march towards The Belt starts this November, when you have the opportunity to become one of the first players in the MGA to secure qualified status for MGAWC20!

-El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley

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Panel Of Experts (5)


Thanks El Presidente, Willy and all you other glom on helper types....! Seems there's NO international chapters this year....? Well there's always the sketchy foo's from Yellowknife.

There should be an International Chapter Cup. Give us sketchy foo's something to compete for in addition to the Spirit Animal award.

Eat lightning and crap thunder. More like fireball and squirts for me.

I think Hamilton and Potter from Tasmania might disagree with you.

San Francisco is a foreign country.