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O'Brien starts His Irish Luck Early

St.Patrick's Day was one week away but there was a certain O'Brien looking to celebrate a little early. Foxtail, the location of this celebration, was wet, the rough was rough, but the greens were great. Foxtail staff tried to appease our highly respected club by allowing a 90 degree rule on the North course where we played while the home South course enjoyed cart path only. The 90 degree rule was very questionable but Martin's average game was not. Slaying the course with medicore 49 and them 45. Martin's penalties had his net score adjusted to 97, finishing 1 stroke better than his fellow PMGAer in his own group.  MIke Drews went 49 and 46 with an adjusted score of 98 to finish 2nd. Our proud, mediocre group had only 5 score under 100 and none in the 80s! (mediocre AF) The lone Nike Tour applicant is Michael Gailey that lied to a 79 and official DQ. Michael has been reprimanded and told drink more, it helps everyone else. As head of the PMGA, I have ordered drug tests for all PMGAers who shot under 100 and watching over this will be music icon P.Diddy who said he offer drinks for them to help it go smooth. 


        I want to welcome our 6 new members to our average club. First is Bill Mock (102/5th place), Rodney Rutledge (107), and Jim McKinney (113), they might question my organization and timeliness as they should but no one else wanted the job. The other 3 new members were Chip Barrios (130), Rob Norris (125) and pretty sure his first time playing golf Mark Braden (144). Mark shot a questionable 144 but stiill earned the keys to the red. Mark a great Motocross rider but clearly sucks at golf. Mark will get back on the horse this April 14 at Chardonnay as he continues to learn how to golf and the rules as well. Till Chardonnay April 14!

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