Chapter News

Oakland Invades Pleasanton

     On a beautiful bay area day, four OMGAers (Oakland), came to Livermore and Poppy RIdge to hang with the PMGA. The PMGA learned that there are different levels of mediocre! Kevin Fallahy has trophy collection the size of Kim Kardashian's posterior. The four kids from Oakland showed the PMGAers that Oakland can golf and golf they did. Kevin grossed a 82, while Todd Alsman shot gross 86, Rob Doten a gross 91, and Matt Greber a gross 93 as well. The PMGA had Ahad represent them with an 87, with Martin O'Brien grabbed a 89. Closest to pin went to Ahad DIl, while RB Rossi had longest drive. Kevin Fallhey finished with a net 89 beating out PMGAer, Mike Drews. Ahad and Steve Wallace tied for 3rd with 92s. Pulling up the rear with a 115 was Jake Bailey, earning another key to the reds. IN summary the Oakland chapter stole the PLeasanton chapter's lunch! Thanks to the Oakland for coming out and joining us and teaching us that mediocre is not the same as shitty!