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Nutt pulls out!!.... And Nordy slides in…

As we start out in all of our monthly articles, it was a beautiful day on July the 23rd somewhere in the oasis of Northern Nevada.  37 golfers all had there clubs clean, balls washed, and shirts tucked in.  I had a chance to interview some of them before the round to hear how they intended to take home the most coveted trophy of the MGA regular season, the Claret Juggs:

Gerard Morales:  “Played here three weeks in a row.  Tested the greens, talked to the maintenance guys, really got a great feel of the grass conditions and green terrain.”

Chris Sawyer: “Where are my……..paaants?”

Doug Bookey:  “I dreamt about it.  Twice”

Dino Guizzo: “Lookin for an absolute miracle, let’s be honest.”

That clearly went sideways quickly.  So, I decided let the course do the talking and wait for the scores to come in.

The results were UNPRECEDENTED!!

Chapter leader and Dad-bod model, Josh “Nordy” Nordquist turned in an 81 stroke card that just squeezed out the rest of the field!!  The top 10 players were 90 strokes and lower!!

When asked about his win, Nordy had this to say:

“I couldn’t be more happy with my game today, and it’s an honor to take home this prestigious trophy.  My head was right, swing was strong, and Sawyer tugged me off about half way through.  In the end, made a lot of pars, dealt with a triple bogey, and finished with a birdie on 18.  Great representation of the consistency of my game and tournament results.”

I then spent some time with the rest of field to get their take on Nordy’s win:

Kyle Snyder:  “definitely cheated”

Eric Peterson:  “can’t FUCKING believe it…”

Kevin Coons:  “Nope.  No way, impossible”

Jason Smith:  “Saw every stroke, couldn’t be more proud.  Not sure about the tug-off he mentioned….”

Well, as an unbiased reporter, and having no relationship with the chapter or any of its members, I’d have to say; these guys are quite the amazing bunch.  And their leader, and new 2022 Claret Juggs Holder, is probably the single best person I’ve ever met.  Anyone who knows him must feel really special.


Author:  Nosh “Jordy” Jordquist

Event Results

1.Josh Nordquist81$1.26
2.Bill Nutt82$0.84
3.Scott McRae83$0.70
4.Josh Philpott84$0.63
5.Derek Vondrak86$0.53
5.Alex Werbeckes 86$0.53
7.Doug Bookey87$0.42
8.Brian Kulpa88$0.35
9.Eric Peterson89$0.28
10.Tom Rankin90$0.21
11.Kevin Coons91$0.14
12.Matt Kerr92$0.05
12.Abel Juarez Sr.92$0.05
12.Eric Blanton92$0.05
12.Chase Haeger92$0.05
12.Alex Botsford 92$0.05
17.Mitch Bartorelli93$0.00
17.Radium Sulprizio93$0.00
19.Gerard Morales94$0.00
20.Brandon Smith95$0.00
21.Kyle Snyder96$0.00
21.Lee Gorris96$0.00
23.Dan Goudy99$0.00
24.Jimmy Goss100$0.00
25.Chris Sawyer103$0.00
26.Raymond Lee104$0.00
26.Abel Juarez Jr.104$0.00
28.Chris Sharkey105$0.00
29.Rich Egger108$0.00
30.Dave O'Brien110$0.00
31.Dino Guizzo128$0.00
33.Jason SmithDQ$0.00
33.CJ TriolaDQ$0.00

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