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NOCOMGA kicked off the 2021 Season with the Rebel Beach AM-AM (aka Slopfest, aka Suckfest, aka Brandtfest) at Ute Creek.  With all the bunkers full of snow from a recent storm that dropped 2 feet, the course barely opened in time- saving this CL from having to reschedule.  From the red tees, our new Dan Anderson (sandbagger)- Jon Brandt, mopped the floor with the field that obviously forgot how to play golf during the offseason.  It was a father-son sweep, as Jerry Brandt joined Jon in winning the trophies.  Oh, those dastardly Brandts!

Jon Brandt is now an 8-time winner in the NOCO Chapter.  This is his first (and hopefully last) Rebel Beach AM-AM victory.

Jon Brandt also won long drive by inches, defeating our chapter's Bryson DeChambeau- Jonathan Furst.  To be fair, most of the chapter (including myself) hit plenty of drives like DeChambeau.  They went approximately 46 feet.  Jonathan Furst also won the Meltdown award and played terribly. This is the guy who DQ'd at the 2019 MGAWC during the second round. 

Props to all the new guys for sticking it out.  Mike Clausen edged out "Cheddar" Hanson for the red key.

Fancy boy Adam Diel has an indoor putting green at his house.  Guess where his putter was during the tournament......

I've never seen so many scores in the 100s for this chapter.  Just imagine how bad the pictures would be if I had just taken any.

Event Results

1.Jon Brandt92$0.91
2.Jerry Brandt94$0.60
3.Christian Kirk98$0.50
4.Ariel Figuracion100$0.40
4.Eric Thomas100$0.40
4.Jonathan Furst100$0.40
7.Adam Diel101$0.30
8.John Morley102$0.23
8.Rob Taylor102$0.23
10.Brian Church104$0.13
10.Sean Moore104$0.13
12.Aaron Hanson141$0.05
13.Mike Clausen 147$0.05

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Happy to see you’re taking good care of the chapter!! Miss you guys