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The NOCO Bratish Open 2021- Another Rookie Win

Captain's Log- Stardate- 07.17.2021.1640- Somewhere in Fort Collins, Colorado

The kiddo is asleep.  So is the dog.  Pork carnitas are in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.  The wife is out shopping.  I'll be playing an early round at Collindale in the morning.  But I can't help but be haunted by the Bratish.  Last Saturday, I was a smug bastard, sitting on the patio at Highland Meadows Golf Course drinking an IPA and eating cheese curds.  I was the clubhouse leader and defending champ (not to mention 6-time chapter winner).  I was just waiting on the final threesome to hand out stickers and whatnot, claim my check and trophy, and jam on home.  Well, the tournament ended with a putt-off not involving me.  The final threesome shot lights out.  What a bunch of jerks!  Blake Wallin defeated Brian Church in a playoff.  Both rookies.  I really should stop allowing newbies that are better than me from joining the chapter.

So let me get this right-  The winners this year so far are either rooks or Brandts.  What a load a crap.  I'm gonna crack a beer.

Event Results

1.Blake Wallin89$0.87
2.Brian Church89$0.58
3.Christian Kirk96$0.46
3.Jon Brandt96$0.46
5.Ariel Figuracion97$0.36
5.Eric Thomas97$0.36
7.Sean Moore98$0.29
8.John Morley99$0.24
9.Jamie Vanden Hoek102$0.19
10.Rob Taylor103$0.14
11.Mike Clausen 117$0.10