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New season, same crappy swing

Unlike my swing mechanics, I will be tinkering with how the chapter is run this year.   Last year was a challenging year getting contracts with courses and setting minimum/maximum numbers of players.   Signups for events will be based on first come first served for the courses that limit our numbers.   That doesn't mean sign up for every event today and then decide the week of the event that you forgot your sister-in-law's 3rd wedding that you have to attend instead and you have to bail.   If you sign up for an event, put a reminder in your personal calendar in the shiny porn viewing machine you keep in your pocket. 

The only other minor change will be payment for events.  In order to keep track of who paid for what event, I only have the payment option open for one event at a time.  I will need everyone who is going to attend to prepay no later than the close of registration.  In most cases that is the Wednesday before the event.  This helps assure me that I won't be resubmitting foursomes to the course three times on the day before the event because if you pay, there's a higher probability you're gonna show up. 


Here's my "Taxes are theft" moment: The new rules for the IRS mandate that Paypal transactions that total more than $600/year are now going to be taxed as income.   Due to user error and Paypal's interface being a steaming pile of feces, I came very close to meeting that threshold last year because of errant transactions that the user didn't change the settings to "Friends & Family" vs "Goods & Services".    I don't make anything off running this, I'd really rather not have to pay taxes to not make money.   

Venmo does a much better job letting you choose whether your payment is considered a pass through payment like ours are, or if it's for goods & services.  Please choose Venmo.



There are a couple of big regional events this year that you can start planning for.   First and foremost is always the MGAWC which is generally held the weekend of November 11th.   If you've been you know, it's more than just the golf, there are some fantastic friendships that are built out there that really make the experience worth coming back year after year for.

The one that means the most to me personally is my baby, the S.H.I.T. Show.  I created that at the behest of El Presidente asking Chapter Leaders to host regional events to hype up the energy leading up to the MGAWC.   This will be the 6th annual event and it will be hosted by Florida's newest chapter, now in their second season, St. Augustine.   This is shaping up to be a great event at a spectacular course and this year we have some folks from Atlanta MGA and Knoxville MGA already committed to coming.  If you haven't had the "Bowers Experience", this is a must attend event.  Jason Bowers will have his sharpie and be autographing chests & foreheads all weekend.


If you don't get to have the full "Bowers Experience" at the S.H.I.T. Show, don't fret, Knoxville is hosting the 4th? annual Dirty Southern Challenge July 29th in beautiful Pigeon Forge TN.  Nestled in the Smokey mountains, this area has a little something for everyone.  The string of towns have every touristy thing you can think of mixed with a ton of US History and some gorgeous scenery.   Bring bug spray.

Regionals are immensely difficult to plan & run but you can help!   By committing early and making sure you pay when the host needs the money, you'll make their life and my life easier.   Since these events have a lot of logistics to get them going, signing up early helps with the resource planning, swag bag ordering etc...  Do your part and register as a competitor today.


Social Media:
Follow along with whatever shenanigans I find funny as well as some of your spectacular swings, poses etc.. Most of those will be posted to our Instagram page.  

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can follow along on Facebook.  I don't post there as often but it does happen.

These wonderful businesses give us some love and help fund the trophy pack & annual swag. Make sure you show them some love too.
Our longstanding sponsor Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa has been a wonderful partner through the years give them a follow & some likes for sure.

Last year brought us into a great relationship with Rock N Brews in Wesley Chapel . We'll be having some more of our awards ceremonies there this year and relaxing in the spacious outer bar area.

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