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New season, new you! 2019 Kinda Schedule

Hope you enjoyed the offseason boys and girls because the 2019 season is coming on hot! Are you ready?!

Here at the Beavercreek MGA headquarters, we have been busy looking at dates, drinking and look at dates again - planning out another fantastic season, but we need you to make it happen!

Make sure you are signing up, telling your neighbors, co-workers, boyfriends <Oakley>, girlfriends - whoever about the MGA and the Beavercreek MGA!

2019 Recommended Schedule;

All Saturdays (except for July 7th). Because Saturday's are for the boys!

March 30, Reber Beach AM AM

April 20th, The Bastards

May 11th, MGA Championship

June 15th, FU Open

July 7th, Bratish Open

August 10, MGA Regional Event

August 17th, FORE! Championship

September 14th, Buckeye Cup

September 21st, Douch Bag Invitational

October 5th, Last Gasp


Keep in mind dates***

MGA Regional - TBD

MGA World Championship - November 15-16th; Las Vegas