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New Rules For 2023

THE INTERNET, CA - Every once and a while we find it necessary to update the rules here in the MGA. We don't like doing it, because we think the simpler the rules are the better chance our simple members have of following them. But when technology or father time demand it, we'll make changes.

Here are the two changes for 2023. Willie and I will be discussing them in greater detail on a mediocast next week.


Be honest, you didn’t even know using slope in your range finder or app was illegal did you? Or maybe you did and you pretended you weren’t using it. Well none of that matters anymore, because it is now legal in the MGA to let a rangefinder or an app adjust yardages for you to factor in slope. Really the affordability and accessibility of it within apps was the game changer that required this rule change.

We only hope your app is smart enough to factor in that you’re going to top the shit out of the ball and roll it down to the green.


Our official stance is that we really don't like the idea of anyone moving up; because it creates a situation where people are competing against each other on two slightly different courses. But the reality is that at a certain age, the human body is simply no longer capable of shooting mediocre golf from 6,000 yards, no matter how kinda alright the technique is. The rules we have come up with are meant to ensure that only people who physically require the forward tees will have access to them.

When reading these rules keep in mind that in the MGA, we don’t help bad golfers handicap their way to mediocrity, they just need to get better. We also penalize good golfers; so old medios who shoot in the 80s from the field tees shouldn’t expect any help from us either.

Here are the rules:

1. Medios with a handicap of 20.9 or better from the field tees can not move forward. You are still a kinda alright mediocre golfer from the field tees.

2. Medios with handicaps or 21 or higher can only move forward between seasons and must turn 65 before the start of the new season.

3. If you win the Chapter Money List from the forward tees; congratulations, you’re not quite dead yet and you’ll be playing the next season back on the field tees.

4. Moving forward means playing ONE set of tees up from the field tees and no further (unless you win the Key to the Red Tee of course).

5. Chapter Leaders may file for an exemption with El Presidente if 50% or more of their chapter holds an AARP card or an email address. Medios whose average score is higher than their average driver distance might qualify for an exemption as well.

6. Chapter Leaders are also within their rights to say, "sorry, them's the rules" and any members who are not happy with this rule change are welcome to a full refund of their membership.


Medios playing from the forward tees are still eligible for Kinda Long and Kinda Close.

Medios who win a tournament from the forward tees still have to move back a set of tees at their next event.

The forward tees at the MGAWC are open to anyone who played the entire season in their local chapter from the forward tees.

New medios whose handicap is based on their play from senior tees can play from the forward tees (one up from the field) unless they have penalty strokes after entering their 5 user scores. If they have penalty strokes, they will start their MGA career from the field tees until their handicap is 21 or higher.

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Panel Of Experts (12)


Are there chapters with 65+ year old golfers?!

No handicap rules?

One leg doesn’t count

I like the upgrade rules, hopefully it will help in me more wins ! Lol

Yay Mediocrity!!!

Field Mouse Tees

(cough, cough) Florida (cough, cough) We have a few boomers in the SLC chapter.

Yes, the Tallahassee, FL Chapter has 10% of their members that are over 65.and guess what, experience doesn’t CHOKE in tournaments. So bring it on young limberbacks!! We might be looking at them from behind but we’re putting for par or better and we won’t give those kids the satisfaction of claiming we have any advantage!!

What if one is 40-something with the body of a 90-something? #Getoffmylawn

65 year olds are kids to me