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New Medio First Timer Guide




Welcome to The MGA. We're kinda happy to have you. Here are a couple of things every Medio needs to remember:

This is a real tournament so please follow the rules of golf. If you are unclear of a ruling, ask someone in your group to help you figure out what the proper ruling should be and follow that. Be fair and remember that we are here to have fun as well as hold a competition, so please do not try to cheat. If you have further questions, you can ask any guy wearing a polo shirt and pleated khakis, he probably knows the rules of golf.

There are no gimmies in The MGA. Finish all your putts. Don't offer "that's good" either. We're sure all our members have missed a 6-incher before, we know we have.

The O.B. rule changed in 2019! Now if you hit a ball O.B. (or have a lost ball) you can either take one penalty stroke and re-hit from the original spot, or you can go up to where the ball went out and drop on the edge of the fairway, as close as possible to the spot where it went O.B., but you take TWO penalty strokes. The real USGA rule gives you slightly more options, but if you pick one of the two I just gave you you'll be good by the rules.

Keep your score properly! We need your scorecard to be clearly marked and the score to be kept on every hole accurately, no matter how drunk you are. Please also add up your 9 hole totals and mark that to help us quickly calculate the Meltdown™ award winner. You will also need to keep the hole by hole score of every other Medio in your group and they need to keep your score so no one cheats.

At the end of the round double check your score with your group before turning in your front and back nine to the organizer. You don't need to enter your score on the site when you get home, as it will be automatically applied to your handicap through the tournament results.

Stick around for the awards ceremony. Maybe you won something. If not you can at least shake the winners hand, buy him a beer and ask him how he got so kinda alright at golf.

Keeping punks in line since 2006,


Just wanted to get this information out there so everyone joining knows how our system and rules are set up,  Thank Jason!


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