Chapter News

Nestor Ruins Everything!

It finally happened! The last regular season of the fourth season of the Tampa MGA comes to a close in the most Florida way possible.   Tropical storm Nestor descended upon the West Coast/Best Coast of Florida late Friday night and proceeded to drop over 3 inches of rain, 30 mph winds and a tornado or two.   Not to worry, Plantation Palms took care of us and were ready for us Sunday instead.

The last minute reschedule shifted foursomes all over the map with five players dropping but three new folks registering.   That always makes life interesting when event planning.  

The players that did make it out slugged their way through the dreaded "cart path only" conditions, untold numbers of plugged balls and no warmup due to a flooded driving range.  All in all the greens held up well and after the dampness started to burn off the humidity finally dropped a little and made the day bearable.  Tom Wilkes edged out visiting player Johnny "Botts" Montagnino for the long drive and Billy "Bones" Cusick snatched the closest to the pin competition.   

Most Mediocre, with a "very pregnant wife",  *sidenote, we were not aware there were degrees of pregnancy prior to this* rookie player Phillip Chamberlain,  proving once again that he can come in right in the middle.

Kal grabbed the biggest meltdown but still scored well enough to stay securely in the top 10.   He should send a thank you letter to Calbe Medley and his new employer, and Tropical Storm Nestor for taking him out of the competition and most likely beating him back down to 11th place.  

Billy "Bones" Cusick & Kevin McKeon both took home the tiny trophies for coming in tied for low gross.  Kevin's penalty strokes secured the W for Bill giving him the Last Gasp victory and Kevin narrowly edged out the money list win over Doc.   Doc peaked too late in the season with the unfortunate win coming just on the last event forcing him to head back a set of tees and kneecapping his efforts to take home the money humping trophy.

I have to say a very heartfelt thank you to each and every player to helped out this year with pictures, scorekeeping, etc...   Our very special paparazzi, Meaghan is headed off to screwy St. Louis with Caleb and her help will be greatly missed.  She made the Instagram feeds much more fun this season.   Thank you to Noura for lending a hand with that too this year, I would love to have you back next year if you'll have us ;)

As always, I cannot thank Bruce Campbell and Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa enough for sponsoring us and helping us get to a new record high membership of 40 players!!!  Next year is our 5th year and I already have big plans in place to celebrate that and get to the next goal of 45 members!!

Next Stop Vegas Baby!!   #mgawc19